Inconsistent Gravity

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  • Hello. I'm working on my first full game in Construct Classic. It's coming along nicely, but I'm having some issues with the Physics behavior. My game is a digging platformer, and I use Physics to affect the gravity of boulders that fall from the ceiling.

    My problem is that these boulders exist on different layouts, and there isn't much consistency in the speed at which they fall, from one layout to the next. I'm not sure if it's because each layout has a different number of sprites, so the screens are rendered at different frame rates. I used the Platforming behavior for the main character, and his movement is consistent across all layouts. I tried using events on each layout to bring consistency to the boulder movement, but it hasn't worked.

    Here's the file:

    It's not a problem that destroys the gameplay, but it is distracting. If you notice any other glaring issues, feel free to point them out. I would love some feedback.


  • vsync to some lower framerate like 30fps

    and then see if it's consistent

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  • All right, in the properties for "Application 1", I changed the "FPS" setting to 30. But when I looked at the actual framerate the game was executing, it stayed around 60. I think the "FPS" section only changes the framerate if the setting above it is "fixed". Is there a way to alter the framerate when your setting is vsync?

    Setting a fixed framerate of 30 and 60 FPS didn't do much for making the speed consistent across layouts.

    Also, I've noticed that the speed of falling objects is only faster in the first few layouts. The later ones are pretty consistent with each other.

    My mistake was probably in creating a separate layout for each screen. Next time I'll try scrolling through a larger area.

  • I think it's a bug in the physics plugin. In a project I'm working on, I have several objects shooting from a "canon." As the FPS drops, the objects shoot out faster and faster. This is pretty much crippling my project, as I cannot rely on consistent results, especially if someone has a weaker computer than mine that slows down more.

  • hmmm...anyone know if these changes in speed over several layouts was a problem before this latest version. just want to make sure I didn't introduce this bug with the "plays nice with other plugins" fix

  • I don't think it's specific to the newest version. I upgraded to Construct Classic in the middle of this project, and the physics were a problem before.

    Although, there were noticeable changes in gravity from one version to the next (specifically, things fall much faster with the newer version).

  • The FPS dependent gravity and velocity glitches have been there for a while. And the reason things fall faster in the new version is because the scale of the numbers has been changed. There is a checkbox in the physics properties on the object to use the "legacy physics numbers." That will keep everything the same as it was before.

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