Including Event Sheet with Event Groups within

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  • Ok, what have I submitted to the tracker:

    [quote:1fv5cqn2]I've added a lot of events to my game so I had to sort them with help of

    event groups and created several events and actions for activating and

    deactivating them(event groups). All thing were done in one event sheet.

    When I create a new layout and include that event sheet, none of event

    groups are working. I tried to activate them with additional events but

    that didn't help much - the engine went glitchy. Unfortunately I have no

    file to attach.

    Marked this as a bug but made a post here too cause I'm interested if there's someone who met this situation before and this topic was discussed here before or maybe this is not a bug or something else...

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  • We probably won't be able to get to the root of this without an example .cap, I'm afraid.

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