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  • Because of the rush I am in (if you read my previous posts), while I am still searching around, what is an easy way to make chat bubbles/boxes in a scroller shooter? I want to see about making, using time increments am sure, conversations from people within the ship, their command, even some comments from enemy (eventually bosses too) ships.

    I am still looking and trying things out, but because of time restraints, posting questions, after a few hours of searching, before I continue to search. I just got to make it through these two weeks and be done once and for all with DeVry. Then, I can take time and do things on my own. Just more history there for ya.

    Hope I explained it well.

    Thank you.

  • I changed the title of the post, to make it more clear. Just want to make short text appear in order to act as a conversation. For example:

    Hero ship (captain): Time to blast our way through.

    Hero ship (member): Aye, aye.

    Enemy ship: Think so, do you?

    Either like bubbles/blocks or different colors to show different people talking (if from same ship).

    Like an RPG style. I have been looking around but can not seem to find anything to what I am looking for. Looked at the "Mikey's RPG" but did not see anything there.

  • I read about .ini files with all dialogues inside or something, not sure how to handle it, though.

    I will follow this topic closely, I will have a LOT of dialogues to implement later in my game!

  • DIALOG!! That is the word I am looking for. Dialog in the game. Will see if I can change the title again to reflect that.

    I actually have a thought I am going to try. I think a layer, to keep them separate, of different text boxes of dialog. Then add an image point and call it "chat" on whatever. Then in the events, either based on time or score or something, the text comes up near that image point.

    All i need is basic and that seems like it may work. Have to try.

  • Hey I understand it can be difficult finding stuff in this forum--

    Here are 3 examples made specifically for what you want to do--

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  • I did not really understand Rich's example, but the timeline stuff seems very interesting! Thanks Aldo!

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