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  • I've just recently been working with Construct Classic, and so far it's been great. I feel like I've accomplished so much for the very short time I've been using it. I'm excited to keep working, but there are just a few questions that I haven't been able to find answers to myself. Sorry my first post on here is a pestering cry for help, but maybe these are all easily answered (and I'm just dumb).

    First off, is it possible to use a tile set in CC, whether that's a TMX, JSON, or image file? The way I see it, I can only import tiles one at a time as separate objects, and even then, I can't imagine how I would be able to properly organize an entire game's worth of tiles this way- which leads to another question: is it possible to store an objects folder in another objects folder? I've tried dragging them into one another but that doesn't seem to work.

    I've tried looking for plugins that could remedy the tileset issue (like TMX/JSON importers) but most seem to be made for C2. Unless it is possible through one of the existing CC features. After all, there's a lot to CC that I have yet to understand. Arrays seemed to be similar to the concept of a tileset, but as of right now I have little knowledge of how to use them.

    A bonus feature that would be awesome to achieve is to have a tileset that is able to store tile properties and values within its grid. But that could be a later step, for now I'm just concerned about importing a working tileset.

    Thanks for reading my post.

    -edit- Moved this to the help section.

  • Construct Classic didn't have a built-in tile plugin/support if I remember correctly, but you can check this list (might be outdated): list-of-all-plugins-add-on_t62655

    Otherwise, there could be some events you could use combined with an Array to automatically spawn tiled backgrounds and place them in correct places and layers.

    My game I Had Hope loaded almost everything (other than code) from a file, and is open source if you want to check it out:

    However, I didn't use a tilemap and hadn't started/finished a map editor (created them by hand, they're just INI files written as .iam or .dcd, etc).

    Can you post a link to a tmx (remove the . so http://www(dot)google(dot)com to bypass link blocker), or JSON and I'll see if I can make events to load it for you? Need the spritesheet/tiles too.

  • [quote:pqom8hs8]Can you post a link to a tmx (remove the . so )google(dot)com to bypass link blocker), or JSON and I'll see if I can make events to load it for you? Need the spritesheet/tiles too.

    Not sure how to send the .TMX file of the tileset (please try to excuse how forum posting inept I am). But my current spritesheet is here: i57(dot)tinypic(dot)com/y8m9(dot)png

    update: now facing a new problemo with z elevation. Trying to make top-down depth, maybe you can visualize how i want it to act through the provided tileset. But anyway, changing the z elevation of my player family of objects (animations, hitbox, ect.) to anything other than 0 makes it disappear completely, kind of puzzling.

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  • Z elevation depends on camera settings, etc, but I will look into that, can you make a mock-up of a single room using the tileset for me? I can re-create that in tiled (using layers probably) so that I can make the TMX and do events to load it for you. Might end up writing a tool that converts it to INI format from the TMX or JSON, but either way I'll make it straight-forward as possible

    Best thing about loading levels from a file is that it makes your game modable, and should avoid some glitches Construct Classic can get when making a large game!

  • I'm actually using a camera plugin AdvancedCamera, and I cant seem to find a Z option for any of the events that come with it. But anyway, here's a level I threw together. There is depth and overlap involved in this room, so layers would come in handy: (http)://oi60(dot)tinypic(dot)com/15hyhrm(dot)jpg

    I put http in parenthesis too.

    I made an updated tileset while designing the quick mockup: (http)://oi62(dot)tinypic(dot)com/2e3mn3r(dot)jpg

    Thanks for the effort and thought your putting towards this problem of mine, I really appreciate it. I also prefer the idea of loading levels from files. Just have to set up a way of doing this.

    -edit- It seems like Z elevation doesn't take visual effect when camera zoom is on. So I have to find a way to make the camera work the way it was when I was using zoom, but without zoom. Z elevation seems to increase the size of things when set to high values, the same way zoom does, so I guess I can use Z elevation to replace zoom values.

  • Great thanks for the updated tileset and mockup! I haven't used AdvancedCamera, but what I will do should only use events and built-in plugins, so you can use it with AdvancedCamera too then I think.

    How were you using the zoom?

  • I was just using the zoom to change the size of sprites in the game window. Makes more sense to use Z position now that I have a better understanding of its function.

  • Okay great, I will look into making a fairly straight-forward way of making tiled TMX files (probably CSV format) load into Construct Classic using some tiled background objects for each tile image. (for importing sprites into Construct Classic, the RGB for transparent is 255,0,255)

  • I would love to check out the .cap of your game, seems like there's a lot to learn from it. But getting the needed plugins seems difficult right now, most of the original download links are deactivated.

    Anyway, still tweaking things, learning things, and getting stuck here and there.

  • Hmm not sure what isn't available as these should be all that's needed:

    Construct Classic R2 - ... e/download

    (latest version, not shown on the Scirra site)

    Texture Setter plugin - viewtopic.php?t=61573&start=0

    Unique Sprite plugin - viewtopic.php?t=61546&start=0

    Path Movement Behavior plugin - viewtopic.php?t=57756&start=0

    Coloured Outline plugin - viewtopic.php?t=56454&start=0

    (right click and Save As for the coloured outline).

    They seem to still be up for me, but I can PM you a pre-packaged zip file with all of them too if that helps!

    This week has been pretty busy with work so hopefully by next week I can have some more news about tile importing <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • Sorry for the lack of a reply, it's been a pretty crazy couple of weeks with work.

    I've been trying to re-create your sample image in the Tiled editor but am not familiar enough with the tool yet to figure out the best way of how layers should be applied.

    Would you be able to make a map in Tiled and then save it in some form that I can open from Tiled on my end as well?

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