Imported graphic gets blurry in Picture Editor

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  • Hi guys,

    Whenever I try to import a PNG image (or any other image format) to the picture editor as a sprite, most of the time the picture gets blurry. I notice that this happens whenever I import a very big image.

    It might also be important to note that I make use of big images for my game. The biggest and max size that I have is around 1068 pixels wide. I do this so that my game would look good on different resolutions. I just scale down the images depending on the screen of the user. I'm mentioning this because I think this might be causing the problem.

    Have you guys encountered a problem like this? If so, what did you do to remedy it?


  • I've found that when I upload stuff as bitmaps, they retain their crispness 100%.

    However, there is some color loss when that happens. Colors tend to get duller during the conversion, so what you have to do is save to 256 bitmap, and when the colors get dulled, RECOLOR it again.

    Roundabout process, but that's what I do.

  • Hmmm seems like a very tedious process. Haha.

    At least now I know that it happens to other people as well. I might divide the big image into smaller parts as it is much easier than having to recolor everything.

    I hope there's a more better solution to this.

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  • Then again, I forgot to mention I make all my sprites in MS Paint, so right away I'm doing things the tedious way.

    If you're using a better program, there's better options for coloring (that's not the time-consuming Edit Colors option on Paint).

  • Hmmm... A different program? Thanks. I might try that.

  • Use png

    I. Be used very large pngs and scaled down with no ossue

  • That's what I use. :C I've even tried using Bitmap, and even JPEG just to test it out but to no avail.

  • i use Graphicsgale for my pixel graphics. When i import a png file from graphicsgale into construct they don't loose much quality(there is alway a bit loss).

    But i don't know if it is the programm i use or just my bad eyes

  • Oh yeah, I notice that as well, from time to time my sprites goes down in quality. Is that the bit loss? Why is it doing that?

    Thanks to those who are helping

  • [...]The biggest and max size that I have is around 1068 pixels wide. I do this so that my game would look good on different resolutions.[...]

    Just to point out: you should always try to work with textures with dimensions on the powers of two. If a texture isn't in these dimensions its dimensions will be stretched to the next power of two. Graphics wise it doesn't make any difference since it's just how graphics cards handle textures but if not applied correctly textures will end up taking enormous amounts of video ram with no gain.

    A 1068x texture will stretch up to 2048x2048 which is 16mb worth of vram. If you can fit your texture in a size of 1024x instead it'd instantly be cut down to "just" 4mb.

    Not that it really has much to do with the thread though. I've never had any problems importing any kind of graphics.

    Edit: fixed a typo

  • Hi Zotged,

    So let's say I have a 20x20 image that I need to import. Do I blow up the image to fit 32x32 or can I just place white space around the 20x20 image and make its canvas 32x32?

    So lets say for example...










    Where the "O" is the actual image, and "X" is the white space.

    I hope I'm making sense

  • I don't think there's sense in stretching the canvas especially with very small textures, the graphics card does that automagically anyway, but when you're approaching, say, 256x 512x or 1024x I recommend to try and make them fit in or under those dimensions.

  • Got it. Thanks for you tip.Will keep this in mind in the future.

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