Imense memory usage.

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  • Hello to all,

    I�ve encountered a problem with my first game i made with Construct. After a short time the .exe and the preview use that much memory that the pc is shutting down. I have 2gb of memory.

    I think this is because the objects spawned are not really deleted from the memory.

    So my question is, ho do I prevent the .exe from using to much memory.

    And this has nothing to do with the construct editor. That just uses 20MB of memory.

    Another one of my problems are animations. My animations play all pics in just one second that�s to fast, so how do I control that.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    This is the .exe.

  • Well it uses 60mb of memory on my computer. Also to control speed of animations click on Angle of your desired animation, and on left you have "Animation speed".

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  • Strange it uses up to 2500 MB of ram...

    Do you know why that is so?

    (temp.exe when preview) or bowgame.exe uses all that memory.

    Thanks for the help with the animation.

  • I�ve got another problem. I want an object to grow smaller the greater the range from a certain point is.

    I.E. a bullet that flies away from a point and shrinks gradually to simulate distance.

    Sorry I used this topic, but I thought it would be redundant to open another topic.

    As for the memory usage. It seems to be an exception. So far no other application had this problem...

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