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  • Hey guys,

    How do I copy my image point setups from one sprite to all the other sprites in all the animations?

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  • Maybe this will help someone else too:

    Because it's such a bitch right now to copy image points in Construct from one sprite to all the other sprites for anims, I changed the approach of what I wanted to do.

    Now local UI (health bars that appear directly over the player, etc.) is being set by:

    Always - Set to position Player.X, Player.Y +40.

    Now the healthbar automatically always sticks to the players coords, but over his head.


    Which means I don't need to tack stuff to image points at all and don't need to rely on them.

  • Thanks for posting your workaround. I think however if you hold alt whilst positioning an image point it applies it to all frames in the current animation, but that's still a drag with lots of animations and angles. It's definitely something that could be improved on for a future version. Your relative positioning workaround is simpler anyway.

  • It's simpler and better, true.

    But say... what if you have a couple of anims for running and walking and transitions? And then you have your character with a gun in his hand, shooting, you want the outburst to feel consistent - just adjusting that with a couple of anims based on a pixel level is a real annoyance.

    Seeing coordinates directly in the sprite editor would also help - And you could could implement a copy and paste image point feature (so you'd see the coordinates and a button that says 'copy image point', which copies the coords and if I paste them in another anim the image point will always be at the exact same place), that'd make things easy.

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