Image Manipulator is fishy...

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  • I was trying to feed an 8000x8000 heightmap into the image manipulator, then crop it to 640x480 (It makes a nice random detail texture on the grass with proper effects). However I kept getting a gray box.

    After a while I noticed there was SOME detail, but it was really hard to make out. I started narrowing down the actions to see what was going on. I even tried manually setting the crop points, and then took out the crop altogether and manually cropped it in paint...same problem.

    So I tried making a small 100x100 pixel bitmap, and loading that in and simply assigning it to a sprite that was also 100x100. The resultant sprite was 312.5 pixels by 312.5 pixels. I tried again without modifying it at all, and it worked fine. I think Construct has some memory glitches going on or something. I get this kind of stuff a if I open two projects I'll get sprites from one project in the other and have to close both and reopen them one at a time.

    I like the tool, obviously, and I'd like to know if I'm doing something wrong with the image manipulator. It seems that it is importing the images incorrectly (sometimes). Even when the sprite it's shooting the image to is the same size as the image itself, and even then when I give a resize action to make it that size, it'll be bigger sometimes.

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