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  • Why do the Y points start at the bottom? I'm sure this has been discussed/reported before, but its a real bottleneck to the usefulness of the IM. We can't simply match the 0,0 or w/e of the layout with the IM points and draw with normal math. Since image manipulating is already a slow processing, adding extra ACEs to it isn't exactly inspiring. Its a shame because IM is a very underrated plugin with more potential than most use it for.

    I guess I'm curious as to why its still like this.

  • No idea what your getting at. Could you be more specific?

  • The vertical points of the image after it grabs it is, start from the bottom, making it the opposite of the rest of Construct - which would cause obvious issues. I thought it was common knowledge. Sorry.

    -edit- I should point out you can flip the image, but that is extra steps to something that's already a slow process, as I mentioned.

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  • Yeah, I think I submitted a bug report last year. Any way yeah the work around is to flip it.

    I don't think that really adds a lot to it since the data is already in memory at that point anyway.

    Also this only happens on sprite.

    You might check the tracker, as I recall it was reported with a couple other bugs.

    Might even make up a new ticket for it.

  • It adds unnecessary steps and factors. When grabbing frames to draw on the entire animation frame by frame this may add up.

    Posting in your report should probably be enough. There is probably already enough bugs listed to go adding duplicates.

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