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  • I wanted to make a simple list of thumbnail images which get the pictures from a image folder. I know there is the Image List Object which you are to use with the List Object but i can't figure out how to use these objects.

    I tried various things but as there is no documentation i don't really know how they are used correctly and was only able to get some text to appear.

    Does anyone know how to correctly use these objects to show image lists?

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  • Imagelist works off of a tilemap without an alpha, so it probably wont work for what your wanting.

    Here's an example anyways.

  • Thanks,

    I think the reason i could not get this working was the fact i was using Icon mode. If i set it to Icon or Report mode with your example it also does not work. So this plugin is clearly broken/buggy i think.

    Also i notice if you have 100x100 images it will cut part of the image and you also can't set the spacing correctly so i think i will avoid this plugin as like you say it's not really what i want plus it also seems to have bugs.

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