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  • Whether probably to bear the working image (for example back1) in a folder with exe /"game_name"/backs/ Up to the end has not understood with the Constructor, the problem consists in that at any moment it was possible to update the image and not necessary to do it in the editor. Thanks.

    From Russia With Love +)

    Sory for the translator.

  • Your translated paragraph is confusing. That happens a lot with translators.

    Make smaller sentences. The translator will have an easier time translating then. Describe what you are doing in detail. One small sentence at a time.

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  • It is necessary to bear a file back1.jpg, pers_1.png... For limits exe a file to update them without start "?onstructor"

  • Do you mean you want to load a sprite from a file? And you want to be able to update the file without editing the sprite in Construct?

  • I think he wants Construct to store the game's images outside of the EXE, so he can edit them there without loading Construct. This isn't yet implemented! Although in the animation bar, you can right click and select 'Launch explorer' to open the files for a single animation.

  • Yes that it I had in view of (strange Translite)! It is very a pity that similar function does not exist, only because the artist cannot update files of game itself.

    (Would pull out hands to the founder of this translator)

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