image editor is invisible, need help

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  • Hey, I'm new here so if I do something wrong please don't shout at me :>

    so, I've been using CC for a few months and everything was working just fine, until a couple days ago when I tried to edit a sprite in the image editor and nothing seemed to happen. then I realised that the editor window was invisible. I can still do stuff in it, and when I point at where a button would normally be it shows me a description of the button.

    I've tried reinstalling the program and updating my graphics card drivers, all for naught

    if someone could respond quickly that would be great, as I can not continue working on my game if I don't get it to work

    thanks :>

    EDIT: when launching a game on steam, the editor showed for a split second while the screen was black, even though construct wasn't running at the time. no idea what that means though. if anyone has any suggestions, please respond

    EDIT2: I tried playing around with launching games(not only on steam) WHILE construct was running with the editor open, but still invisible. after launching and closing the ones that are fullscreen, sometimes the editor would be visible as an empty window and construct would stop responding. eventually it would start responding again and a CD3DDisplay window would pop up saying "An invalid texture was referenced . This is a bug, please report it!". after pressing OK the window would just pop up again until I closed construct. other times no message would appear and the editor and construct would seem to work completely fine, until I tried closing and opening the editor again, after which it would be invisible

    then I tried changing the resolution of the display while the editor was open. after doing that, construct would stop responding for a few seconds, then it would go back to normal,but with the editor still invisible and the CD3DDisplay message popping up continuously again.

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