image copy to sprite not working?

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  • Hi all when i load an image and then copy to the sprite nothing seems to happen, anyone else getting this?

    Edit > Found out why it has been answered before, only supports fricken bmp which are crappy

    I also found really wierd behaviour for copying to sprite, it makes the sprite massive, then you load it again and then it finally loads the image.

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  • Create a "Test.PNG" in C:\ with Paint

    System: Start of layout

    ImageManipulator: Load image "C:\Test.PNG"

    ImageManipulator: Copy image to Sprite

    That works perfectly for me. Can you create a file where it doesn't?

    Edit: As said in the other thread, the width and height of the Sprite isn't updated when an image is copied. Perhaps an option to crop/stretch to the Sprite size is necessary.

  • Your right, strange it didn't work ealier but it does now, here is my attatched files below, note that i update the weidth and height, yet the sprite stretches to a stupid size, then u have to click again to get it to load!

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