Im new, can you make classes ?

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  • Hey everyone, i'm new to the forums, been looking around and hiding away in the shadows of the forum because i didn't know what to ask.. but now ive thought of something..

    So basically i was wondering is it possible in construct, to make classes, and then from those classes create instances of a class. For example i used to use gamemaker quite alot, so im used to programming and game logic and all that is to do with games, and one of the most important things ive noticed is the power of Object Oriented Programming. So i was wondering if that was at all possible in Construct, i know you can make families of things, but im not quite sure on how it works.

    O ye by the construct is pretty cool, ive only used it for a couple of days now, and its very good and quick prototyping.

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  • Its pretty much the same.

    In a family to pick a particular object in the family you need only pick the family along with what ever parameters. Like if is at x coords then any object in that family, and at that coord will be selected.

    Like wise you can select all objects in a particular family by not giving any parameters.

    You might also want to look into containers. The difference being that one container object is always selected with the other.

    Then there's the object pairer....

  • Thanks for your reply, well the reason i was asking was not so i can manipulate entire families in the game, its more to help me with building a game.

    For example if i create a sprite object, that has certain variables and functions only that only this object has access to, i can then make children from this object that have similar properties, but look different.

    Like an object that holds Active sprite data (random object name), and then that can then be turned to stuff like NPCs, Enemies.. etc ?

  • it wouldn't be classes

    but you can create your basic guy

    then right click | copy

    right click | paste clone

    then you can change the sprite you use

    but all other properties will remain

    because it is a new object that is just a clone of the original

  • Event based programming is completely different to scripting. To give you a feel for it, try one of the tutorials.

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