Ignoring controls.

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  • So, I'm making the Wall Jumping events, so when megaman is dashing in the walls, and then press Jump button, he jumps like a normal jump but it's moved like 2 or 3 pixels to the other side (left if the wall is in the right), and there is a little moment (some milliseconds) that Right Arrow should be ignored.

    This is, if Megaman jumps being in a wall, he moves to the left even if the player is pressing Right Arrow because it has to be ignored in that 500 milliseconds (or some less...I'll try).

    The problem is that I don't know how to ignore the pressed right button.

    Any Idea?

    This would help me too when Megaman is hurted by other enemy, so there is some milliseconds that the whole control should be ignored (except Start button).



    PS. I'm sorry "deadeye", is just that I sent you the message hours ago and I was like dessesperating

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