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  • Hi,

    Only had Construct for one week so still complete noob, many years ago I used to program in Speccy Basic, and then Stos ( on the Atari ST ).

    Have created a one screen game, move collect keys, open doors leave screen. I have a variable "keys" that debug shows to be working just as I hoped, ie increases by one if key is picked up, decreases when door is destroyed, but I need to know how to perform the equivalent of:-

    If "keys" = 0

    Then Bounce

    Else Destroy

    So that if I have no key then the door will remain locked

    Hope the explaination is clear, TIA Brett

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  • if dude collides with door

    +value "keys" = 0

    --> bounce

    if dude collides with door

    +value "keys" = bigger than 0

    --> destroy door

    --> subtract 1 from "keys"

    try something like that.

  • Hi thanks for your reply, the real problem is in using construct, I know what I want to do, and the order I need to do them in, the trouble is that I right click here and can only compare a variable if it is the first set of an event, I would like to set it up as :-

    if dude hits door

    and keys = 0

    But can only seem to start from :-

    if keys = 0

    and dude hits door

    Then new action does not include Bounce in the options. I just seem to be fighting the programs controls rather than getting on with what I want to do. Have tried the FAQ and Wiki but not like a real manual. Cheers Brett

  • I'm not 100% sure what your problem was so this cap might be what you've got made already.


    Try go through the gray door at the start, yellow square is the key.

    Sorry if this is what you already have.

    Also posting a cap is always helpful to anyone understanding your problem.

  • Hi many thanks for taking the time and trouble to help, sadly the .cap you uploaded will not run, I get an error message saying that construct.exe has come to an unexpected termination. try to follow this:-

    I right click in the event editor and create an event sprite 1 collides with sprite 2 ( dude collides with door)

    by right clicking this I can add sub event: is global variable 'keys' Equal to 0

    but right click or left click on this I can only find options to delete the event or change/add conditions, there is no way to add the action to make dude bounce

    I can add the action bounce or destroy after the event dude collides door, but after the event or sub event is global variable 'keys' Equal to 0 I cannot add an action, only sub events which do not have the option to bounce or destroy.

    Hope this is clearer


  • Hi Minor,

    Have uploaded the file keydoor.cap to Forums Uploads, onehourcomp,

    hope this helps make things clearer



  • Since you can't open Minor's file I allowed myself to edit it a little(rename the sprites) and make a screenshot. I hope it helps you.

  • Tyrus rules O.K.

    Have it working now,

    Any idea why I colud not open Minor's file?

    Think it may be to do with my version of C++

    Anyway many thanks maybe now i can sleep at night.



  • Any idea why I colud not open Minor's file?

    What version of Construct are you using? The most likely reason is that he's using a newer version.

  • My bad - I'm using the latest unstable build 0.99.82.

    I always forget to mention my version when making a cap

  • My version is 0.99.62

    it was the latest stable version available when I went to the download site. Working now, well need to add a/some baddies so that dying becomes an option, but If..Else sorted thanks.

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