Huge problem with the picture editor

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  • All of a sudden I'm no longer able to work reasonable with Construct. I was working on a project, everything worked fine as always. Then I added a sprite. The picture editor tries to open (the window opens, but not its content), one of my cores is working to capacity and Construct doesn't react anymore. After about a minute the editor finally opens and I can work normally. Since then, everytime I need to open the picture editor, Construct shows this behavior, no matter what .cap file or a totally new app, no matter the version (tried .96, .84, .62). Even a new installation didn't help.

    What has happened?

  • May not be Construct at all. Maybe a recent anti-virus update is causing the problem. Sometimes new updates reset scanning arcitecture and the AV starts scanning all DLLs etc using heuristics.

    Just a thought/suggestion.

  • Yeah if its something new, then you might check to see if there's any changes in your system.

    I will say I have that issue sometimes, but its usually when my vram is already taxed, or if the image is a little bit larger.

  • I really tried everything. But to no avail. And it really is mysterious. The only process using processor time when the picture editor is about to be opened is Construct. 50% (one core) is used by Construct, the other 50% are idle. And Construct is heavily working with the RAM. In the task manager I can clearly see how RAM is requested and released over and over again. Example: Construct uses 13 MB, the picture editor starts and wooosh, one core 100% busy with Construct, memory load goes to 30 MB, back to 20 MB, raises to 58 MB, down to 18 MB, raises to 87 MB, etc. The virtual memory goes up by 100-200 MB at that time, and it really feels like there is a huge amount of data that needs to be transferred. But, we are talking about the try to open a 16x16px image.

    I deactivated my AV, I restarted, I re-installed, I updated the driver, DirectX and nothing helped. I changed nothing on my system. As I said, it really came all of a sudden, while I was working on a project. I didn't install anything, didn't download anything, didn't uninstall anything.

    I don't know, what else to do (besides wiping my harddisc and installing a fresh windows, what I really would like to avoid)

    Furthermore, I don't have any other problem. All of the apps work as usual, all of the games work as usual, everything works fine - just not Construct.

    I really am despondent.

  • The only thing I can think of is deleting the registry entry and trying again.

  • Wonder if it has anything to do with core management?

  • Things off the top of my head:

    -A dying video card

    -An av update

    -a windows update

    -a virus/malware infection

    -a changed windows setting

  • Try System restore, it's always worked for me. Unless you have it turned off.

  • Ok, I think I solved it (I really hope so)!

    It wasn't my system, it wasn't my hardware. Construct had problems with the files in the application data folder. Simply copied the scirra folder from there to a backup storage (to investigate, what file exactly is causing the problem) and deleted the original. Runs smoothly again!

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  • Nice one. Good to hear ! I'll remember that, just in case.

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