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  • Is it possible to make an HUD that's "separate" from the game window? An example would be Mario 3's HUD, you can see it here:

    Notice how the game is in one "window" and the HUD is in another. That way the HUD isn't covering up the floor or anything. Any ideas on how this is done? I've tried a number things but no luck so far :T

  • have you tried adding a separate "hud" layer without scrolling and maybe without transparent on?

  • Yes, but that's the opposite of what I'm trying to do I'll try to explain myself better..

    Imagine a picture frame (the HUD) and the picture inside that frame (the game) Kind of like what's on the left side of this example:

    <img src="">

    If I just make a new layer and put the HUD on it like you said, I would end up with what's on the right side of the example. That's not what I'm going for.

    I'm trying to do what's on the picture to the left. In MMF I would use sub-applications to do this. You make the HUD one application, which is a bit bigger than the game application, and then you run both at the same time - the game app inside of the HUD app. This keeps them entirely separated. Thing is, as far as I'm aware sub-apps don't exist in Construct, so I'm stumped.

  • L5j's Idea is the way to go. Just make your window bigger to compensate.

  • Actually, I just figured this out by using the layout object

    Unfortunately, because I had to resize the window the advanced camera object messes up during transitions..hmm

  • Sorry, but that wont work. For starters the object is bugged, and there is no current way to share information between windows.

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  • Yeah I just noticed it's a bit buggy with the graphics. Umm..darn.

    Well ok I can resize the window and do what L5j suggested, but I'm using the advanced camera plugin with the grid scrolling so resizing the window causes some problems..basically when transitioning from one "room" to the other, the camera moves upwards the difference in size from the original window size, and then jumps back down to where it's supposed to be. Also vertical transitions won't work. I'm new to the advanced camera plugin so maybe I just need to add something to fix this..any ideas? Thanks for the help so far I've almost got this!..I think.

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