Is there any HUD or Console tutorials?

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  • Hi Everyone

    Very new to Construct and still going to work through all of the tutorials and wanted to know if there is any real good examples of HUD/Console layouts that I can use to help learn how to create and make them functional.

    I wanted to make a standard layout that you see in a lot of the early rpg games. Basically the window is split into 3 parts top/left is used for the game play, far right is used for either info or stats and across the bottom for in-game info or stats.

    I think I read somewhere in the forums where it is recommended to layer the console on top of the main game layer or is it better to make it all one layer?

    While i'm at it, I have looked online for some tile level/map editors. Is there anything compatible with Construct? I was thinking about making somewhat of a remake of Temple of Apshai

    <img src="">

    I think the biggest obstacle is creating 50-100 different level layouts and linking them all together with stairs/tunnels and character management.


  • I'd HIGHLY recommend you make the HUD and map different layers. If you intend using multiple layouts you'll be able to make all the other layout inherit the HUD layer from the first layout keeping it consistent if you make any changes.

    As for Tile/Map Editors, there's nothing I can really recommend besides using the import images feature to cut up a tilemap into individual pieces, and then use the snap-to moving option with the correct size grid. Unless you set up something from events, construct isn't going to be able to magically read a bunch of map coordinates and make a map. If do intend to go this route though, I'd imagine arrays will be your best friend.

    I can explain further if you need me to.

  • Thanks

    I was going to work on a HUD/Console layout this coming week after I run through more tutorials and just knowing some best practices is good.

    For instance in that screenshot the screen is split 70/30. Now i'm sure there is some sort of way that if your level is fairly large but doesn't fit the whole screen that it will scroll to open it up as you discover it. Is there also a setting that for the HUD layer that you won't see the map and your character wont go past the border of the HUD framing?

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  • Is there also a setting that for the HUD layer that you won't see the map and your character wont go past the border of the HUD framing?

    No, there's no setting for that. You could use a combination of Unbounded Scrolling on your map layer and clamping ScrollX and ScrollY in regards to the player's position and the edges of the map, but it's kind of advanced for a new user. I'd suggest making a more standard setup that uses the full window area to show the map, and your HUD just floats above it, rather than having what basically amounts to two different windows in your view. Rendering two windows side by side like that is actually a pretty complicated affair.

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