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  • Well, I was playing around with color tinting effects for objects and the main drawback I found was that the tinting effect was all or none. This got me to thinking whether Construct has a way to selectively color parts of an object to make a kind of "housecolor" effect as seen in strategy games and such. For example, if I have a soldier character with a blue uniform and red helmet, I can selective tint just the uniform to make it a different color, at the same time leaving the helmet red as before. This would allow me to more easily duplicate the same soldier sprite for several different teams, whereas right now it seems like the only way to do this would be for me to manually edit the sprites of the soldier every time for every team.

    tl;dr - Is there a way to use the tint effect on a color mask rather than the entire object?

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  • I just copy the sprite and only leave the parts I want colored, and lock it to the sprite. You could also use separate animations, like red is frame 0, blue is 1, etc.

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