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  • I'm making a little game named color game for now. First I would like to know what way would be the best way to make this kind of game.

    way 1: colorgame1


    way 2: colorgame2

    or something else maybe?

    <img src="">

    The code(in the event sheet) may explain what I'm trying to do but I'll explain anyway; I'm trying to make game where there is 3 colors and only one of those colors is "not solid" at the time so that the two other colored areas would be solid when one is not. Well.. I'm suuure that explained my idea clearly to you.

    (Just look at the event sheet)

    In game one I created 3 layers/pictures(.png) each with a color so I could just easily toggle the "solid" behavior between layers. <---By the way ---> Can I really toggle objects "solid" state


    by events?

    Because I think my way of doing this may not be the best way.

    I haven't really done the game two yet, but what I'm going to do in it is that I would fill the hole screen with this "color(red)_spawn" sprites and then I would create solid red blocks on top it when I want. And something like that...

    And if this is the right way to do this game, my question would be---

    Why don't "red_block"s spawn on all three "red_spawn" points.

    *edit again

    And what I want is that the character will always drop down to first "free area/not solid" after the color where he is now is being made solid/or created.

    (Can you see the effort put to this post :O)

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  • It will spawn a reb_block at each red_spawn, if you change your event like so:

    On key Z pressed

    -sub-event- red_spawn: For each object

    and place the create object action in that sub-event.

    I think what you could do instead of spawning/unspawning objects is to use "Change collision mode" on your red, green, and blue objects. It's in the actions for your objects.

    Set it to "none" to make them non-solid. Make them per-pixel again to be solid.

    However, I do not think there is a way to remove the actual solid attribute. Not yet, at least. (I saw mention in )

    Collision mode none will, as far as I know, stop "overlapping at offset" and such things from working. Still, for what you have so far, changing the collision mode should work okay.

    It might get tricky if you're going to need to detect when the player enters another color, for that dropping-down behavior.. Maybe a combination of spawning solid blocks on top of a non-solid background, but the background would have per-pixel set, so you can detect when the player overlaps them. Sorry if I misunderstood anything. I'm sleepy.

  • Thanks!

    Changing the collision mode kinda worked.

    I still have some problems, but most of them just apply to the fact that I really don't know what I want to do. I will tell more about my problems later when I get my things organised (inside my head and on event sheet).

    By the way... I have very important english test (matriculation examination/ A level) soon and I wouldn't mind if someone would correct some of my worst mistakes or say how could something be said better.

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