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  • G'day folks

    I'll try and keep my story short, I'm currently in my 4th year of a videogames design course, with that we get ample freedom to do what we like for our honours project. For mine I've decided to try the "one man developer" and build a 2D game from scratch by myself.

    After careful consideration I've narrowed my choices of game engines and I'm quite impressed with Construct, to work with little to no knowledge of coding but still able to develop a game is attractive, it appeals to me since I have very rudimentary knowledge of coding and this engine would allow me to focus more on the art/sprite creation aspects of the game itself.

    My game concept is still in development but it centre's around a broken/damaged humanoid robot being re-activated with a corrupted memory in a foreign land. Its guided by an activated "Home Signal" that propels his purpose to discover who or what he is. Its to be a 2D platformer with a heavy combat elements, I'll explain more with time, however with my research semester coming to a close, my time for research is drawing thin and from what I've seen and read from Deadeye's platform tutorial, Construct can easily handle platformers. My worry is however, is just how deep I can make gameplay within Construct, which, in a rather long winded way, is why I wish to ask if the following is creatable within Construct in a platformer genre (I'll worry about the how when I've dedicated enough time to delve deeper into Construct):

    Wall jumping: Jumping from wall to wall (in a similar fashion to say, Samus in the 2D metroid games)

    Heavy Combat: Dedicated combo system, Advanced enemy AI (Can they programmed to do more than say, kill on touch or fight equally with the player)

    Upgradable parts: (This admittedly sounds simple enough, it would probably be accessed via a menu system and gained by some sort of levelling system)

    Numerous enemies: (I would hazard to guess this is determined by sprite quality and maybe AI)

    AI Development: Since its a fighting game, and whilst I have little knowledge of code, is there the capability to program some kind of advanced AI?

    My apoligies for the length, but I wanted to get a little advise from you guys since your the experts, I have maybe >2 months to prepare before I have to start production of the game, this would be used to learn as much about Construct as possible. If you say its all possible, I'd feel more confident learning more about Construct since my other choice of engine is to work with Torque 2D, in which I'd have to learn script as well as pay for it (A student's life is not a wealthy one) and do everything else aswell.

    Thanks for reading, and I look forward to working within such a committed community (should I decide to work with Construct)

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