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  • Well i wont be a great discoverer if ill say that CC wiki is soo damn unfinished and abbandom. The worst part is - the pages about the very basic stuff are like that too. I can understand some in-depth techniques being left undone, but for example:

    I am in dire need of Custome Movement. But i have never used it before.

    And it has hell load of actions and conditions and not all of them are obvious ("Stop Steping"??? "Bounce"?? Push out??? the heck??).

    So here i am.

    Please. If someone kind enough would edit this page


    and fill it with proper description or just finish it.

    I am not asking to clean and finish the whole Wiki. But at least this.

    If wiki would be a bit more patched there wouldnt be half of the topics in "help&support" section.

    This would be for good of Construct and all of us.

    I would help, sure. But i have too little knowledge, not talking about my horrible english.

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  • No offence, but people are generally busy building there own creations etc.

    If it's that important to you, why not search the forum for Custom Movement examples, work out what's going on, then ask Ash to allow you to edit the Wiki yourself. Kill 2 birds with one stone :)

  • From help's file's Construct need first a good "Getting started" doc.

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