Hm... GTX issue? Again?

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  • Sorry for asking a question that looks like it's been asked already a dozen times before, but I must know for certain as I haven't found a definite answer.

    Recently I sold my trusty laptop in favour of building a custom desktop. However, whenever I run Construct, it causes the images to tear. Any sort of image editing based action causes the image to become a random jumble of lines.

    Sooo... I figure it's something to do with the fact I have a nVidia GTX 560 Ti. Is there anyway at all to fix the issue? I'm just not quite ready to move to C2 yet, at least not until I finish the major game I've been working on...

  • Visual issues like this in or out of construct are driver issues 99% of the time. Have you updated to the latest drivers? If not you should be able to find them at, or if you want to test bleeding edge drivers sometimes guru3d has beta drivers of upcoming versions before nvidia and amd begin hosting them

  • I have the same card and it works fine for me on Windows 7 64.

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  • I'm working with the GTX 460 Hawk and have no such issues. WinXP sp3, nVidia driver version 285.58 (an older release, actual version is 296.10)

  • Drivers, or your graphics card might be about to croak.

  • I have the GTX560 ti and don't have any issues with the latest Construct Classic build (latest drivers too). Definitely not the card unless your drivers are out of date.

  • Does this image tearing appear when you play ordinary games or just when you use construct?.It can also be a directx9 file which could be corrupted.I had the same problems with classic construct,I fixed the prob by running dxsetup again.I had an ancient geforce 8800 gs card when i got this problem.

  • Hm... I seem to have 267.85, so I'll try updating when I can. I swear I had the latest drivers though... if it's any help, when I used to work on my laptop (which had a nVidia GPU and an Intel GPU) when I ran it using the nVidia card, it had the same problem, but not when I ran it with the Intel GPU. Both had the latest drivers.

    EDIT: Ugh... updating seemed to fix the problem. God I feel like an idiot.

  • Glad you got it fixed <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thanks for the help guys. Glad to be back on Construct too... :P

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