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  • It`s so clear from the title

    How to make a high score table???

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  • Use a hashtable for example.

    HashTable.InsertKey("player name", player score - this should be a global/private variable)

    After that, you can loop through all of it's elements(if i'm correct it's sorting automatically)


    Text.SetText(Text.Text + NewLine + HashTable.CurrentKey + " " + HashTable.CurrentValue)

    Note: you probably wont get an answer if you dont want to think, nobody wants to create your stuff, but lots of us would like to help. There is a difference.

  • Also, many users don't use the search function or ask google.

    After 20 seconds of seeking I found a thread, where tulamide points to his game "verve".

    It might get boring that I point to my example Verve! all the time. But I really made it to cover as much as possible to show ways to realize things. Of course, Verve! also features a hiscore, complete with sorting algorithm and auto-save. Have a look at it, every single event in Verve! is extensively commented.

  • Keep in mind that "Verve!" doesn't load in Construct 2 (104). At least not here anyway.

  • Keep in mind that "Verve!" doesn't load in Construct 2 (104). At least not here anyway.You're right, it is a CC project. But on the other hand, this is the CC help forum ;)

  • Ah, so it is <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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