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  • Hello. My name David. I had problems. Help me please. I hope for you) Honestly<br megasmiled="1">1 . I set to the ??????? behavior of 8 direction.? made focus off box event. When I want to enter the text into editbox at me it it is focused, but object stops. I tried to contract game and back then object moved. As to me to be. I want to enter the text but that my character didn't stop in game.<br megasmiled="1"><br megasmiled="1">2 . One more important problem. I boxing to editbox.<br megasmiled="1">That is when I import the text into editbox, in box everything is displayed.<br megasmiled="1">Problem in the following. I can't find in box, where exactly I wrote a letter. When a mouse I click there is no stick black that shows where I import the text.

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