Hero sprite hanging on a cliff :)

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  • Hi all,

    I experiment my way into construct and try a few jump-n-run moves. What I want to do is:

    If I press the up-arrow, the hero should jump only in Y direction and if he can grab the edge of platform or something he should hang there (like the first Prince of Presia game or Flashback).

    My main problem is, that I want to use the platform behaviour so I don't have to bother about falling through the floor, running through walls, calculating gavity etc. and if I want my hero to hang on to something, then he gets automatically pushed away if that makes sense.

    I first thought I could make the platforms not solid but platforms instead but I don't want the player to jump through them from below. I then thought perhaps I have to use solids an only make the small grabable edges as a platform but this seems a little strange to me or isn't it?

    Thanks for any advice!

  • That all didn't make sense (at least not for me).

    But I made something...


    You can hang there on two kind of edges. There are other ways of doing that, but I found these working.

    I usually use collision boxes(like the small purple ones) for this kind of things; like if my character is close to the edge, he/she might lose balance and fall down.

    This could also help you:

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  • Here is my simple solution.


    You can hold on until you hit space to release

  • Thanks so much to both of you. Great community

    The link is also great, because I also work on a state based platformer but in addition with transitional animation between the states.

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