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  • I am having a problem with all the CAP file made before Construct 0977. It will not let me save the file. I get an error about Saving this file you will not be able to load in older Ver. Constuct. But I am doing a "Save As" . It is acting like I am tring to over write the file. If I click ok then I get a bunch of errors then it bombs out of Construct.

    I can load the the files ok. All I get is the Directsound message about it is being taken out soon.

    It was working ok in Constuct 0967 as I was changing the sound over to the new system.

  • If any one can load the CAP and then do a "Save As" to an other name in Construct 0977 . So I know if its the CAP or not that is the problem.

    The Cap Loads ok for me but I can not Save it

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  • Hey there dude!

    I tried saving the game but I got a "serious save error bug" when trying to save it.

    All the sound files where still referenced in the resources but on trying to run the layout a message appeared saying they would not play.

    Send it to Ashley via Source Forge. I hope your game only consisted of that one layout! But it might be able to be recovered!

    **Side note: LOL Construct is FREAKING OUT MAN! It crashed when I ran the cap but now it won't close! DIE CONSRUCT! CLOSE!

    ...ok there it goes

  • Ashley If its not to much trouble could you take a look at the CAP.

    Is there any way to resave it so it works right?

    Thanks midnight for taking the time to look at it

  • We've looked at the .cap, and identified why it won't save, but the reason behind it will require a little investigation (there's some dead images in there for some reason).

    Rest assured it'll hopefully be fixed soon .

  • The problem's been identified in the Minimap object, which when not using an image will save an invalid image. Fixed in the next build, thanks for this .

  • Thanks Rich for looking in to this problem for me.

    Just so I have it straight, My CAP is OK , I just need to wait for the next build before I can save any changes to it agian.

  • Yeah, your cap file is fine .

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