Help me with Scirra Construct v 1.2

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  • Intro:

    I have 4 Objects in my game: Player, Monster (100x), Bullet, Particles.

    And 3 variables (Hit Count, Killed, Soul).


    1) On left mouse button click - Player spawn obj. Bullet;

    2) On collision with Bullet & Monster - Bullet spawn obj. Particles;

                                          - Add 1 to "Hit Count";

    3) "Hit Count" = 4 - Monster destroy;�

                       - Add 1 to "Killed";

    <font color=red>The problem:</font>

    I thought that how many monsters are destroyed, so many + to "Killed". But if 2 (3 \ 4 \ ...) monster are destroyed together, to "Killed" + only 1, how to fix it?


  • Is "hit count" a global variable? If so, it works properly, make it local to every enemy and your problem should be solved.

  • "hit count" is local variable

  • to enemy

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  • I made it for you, it works correctly here



  • There is one little problem : When I launch your file, I see this error:

    "Failed to load application: this file was saved in newer version of Construct. Please click 'Check for updates'."

    And when i click on it I see :

    "Your version of Construct (Classic r1.2) appears to be up to date"

    How can I fix it?

  • lyonya

    You can download the R2 from here.

    No problem.:)

  • Thank you for link.

    But the problem is still available:

    Monsters in your example are not movable. And if they are moving, they can be one on another and bullet can shout them together. If bullet shoots two(three\etc.) monsters together and their "hit count" was 3, to "killed" + only 1 (destroyed two monsters, but + only 1<img src="smileys/smiley6.gif" border="0" align="middle" />).

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