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  • I write from the translator. I don't know English.

    I very much like to create games. I found the Constructor classic program. I create strategy. There was a problem:

        How to make so that the text moved with object?

    Actions are as follows:

    When I press the worker, I have a menu on the right. On this menu there is a building. I press the building I put everything works. But I appropriated the text to it. Tree 20th stone 30. When I direct at the building the text shows, but exactly there where in the beginning there was a building. I put the building on Rate 0 x layer u.on moved, but the text remained there where initially it was. What to do I suffer I don't know as me to be ((

  • Hopefully this is what you're looking for:

    If you want a text object to follow a sprite, you need to have it on the same layer (one that scrolls), as setting scroll rate to 0,0 is designed for objects that do not scroll.

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  • Hello. It again I. On last question I was helped by this site. Thank you. I will address still with ?????????.

    I don't know that to do with editbox.

    That I want. I want that in the game I could write for example the name or any text. As like a chat. I wrote for example (hello) and then I deleted.

    And that I could write editbox not only to length, but also width.

    Thanks for attention. I hope will help))

    I don't know English so don't abuse me for not literacy.

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