Help with player movement.

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  • How do i make a player that uses platform behaviour perform the following actions ?

    <img src="">

    1, Click circle1 and the player walks to this position, then stops. (including walk animation).

    2, Click on circle 2 and the player jumps onto the crate.(with animations)

    3, Click on circle3 (the top one) and the player jumps up onto the platform.(with animations).

    OR......from position 2 on top of the crate -

    4, Click on circle 3 at the base of the ladder and the player walks off the crate and stops at the base of the ladder (with animations).

    5, Click on circle4 and the player climbs up the ladder stopping at circle4.

    Basically, i need the player to be platform behaviour based, but also respond to mouse clicks.

    The ladder climbing part is not 100% needed, but the walking and jumping parts are.


  • I'd use platform and rts behavior

    here's quick example

    It doesn't look nice, but you can see, it works. You would just need to use conditions and actions to set jump height, speed, direction...

    edit: animations could be controled via play, stop animation and set frame actions, with a checker to know how far is ground, wall etc.

  • 1st circle : Player has wall to right / Set animation to standing.Use rts movement move to crate.

    2nd : jump key pressed, left mouse click / Set animation to jump/Set jump height for platform movement

    3rd : jump key pressed / Set animation to jump.

    you would have to use both platform and rts movement for this.

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  • Here is the cap of what i could come up with.

    Right click to jump and left click on crate to move to crate.

  • Thanks for your help and cap files Noga and DranenX . Never used RTS before, but i remember downloading a couple of tutorials about it. Study time.

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