Help with physics plz!

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  • How i can make 2 objects so that other one would move freely so that the object thats under is slippery or so?

  • Short answer: You can't really do that, at least not as it is right now. There's a "World Friction" setting in the properties for your Physics behavior, but it only has two settings. And as you might be able to guess it affects the whole world, no matter which individual Physics object you set.

    Separate "materials" that you could apply to individual objects (like wood, rubber, ice, metal, etc.) would be pretty sweet, but if that's even something being considered for the future it's likely quite a ways off.

    One way to get around it for now is to just play around with the linear dampening and the mass. You can get some slidey effects that way, it just takes a bit of tweaking. Don't tweak the surface you want to slide on though, tweak the object that you want to slide.

  • Damn it then oh well maybe I need to wait for more advanced physics engine then

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  • I don't know about allready programmed materials. It would be better to have values for friction, bounce etc.

  • I don't know about allready programmed materials. It would be better to have values for friction, bounce, etc.

    Actually the way I was thinking of it would be to have values for Friction, Bounce, etc. that you could fill in on your own, but there could be a drop-down list of pre-made settings that filled those values in for you. Like a quick-pick list or whatever.

  • Aah! That would be nice! Btw. When i wrote 'friction, bounce, etc.' i didn't really know what i meant with etc. What more then that would be good to have?

  • Perhaps something like "dampening," where the object doesn't transfer the full amount of energy it receives. For example, a wood block would absorb more energy than a metal block, but a clay block would absorb even more than wood. A negative setting would absorb force, but a positive setting could actually add force.

    With a high positive setting you could make bouncing surfaces that don't need to move to impart energy. It could stay locked in one spot, but if a moving object came into contact with it it would be knocked away. In other words an object could hit it at low velocity, but bounce away at a higher velocity. Like bumpers on a pinball table, or mortar launchers in the bottom of a tube that launch a ball as soon as the ball touches it.

    I suppose it might be handy to have settings for how hinges would work as well. I think the hinge stiffness setting should be made into an editable property. That way you can easily change the stiffness and angular dampening to create different kinds of chains and ropes, and I suppose Chain, Rope, and Elastic could be added to the drop-down for material types.

    I dunno, I can't really think of any other settings off the top of my head but I'm sure there are some others that could be considered for making different materials.

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