help with multiple weapons and respawns

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  • hi I was wondering if anyone could help me out here. first off let me explain I am making a top and down shooter, Here is my problem, I give my player health in the form of variables. For instance when there is the start of the layout I give my player 30 health in the variable and each time a bullet sprite collides with my character its minus 5 from the health variable. And I have another variable set up so that when the hp is less than zero the character object is destroyed. but under the same event I have create player in it. Now the problem is that the character re spawns just like it is supposed to. it follows the mouse and everything. the only problem is that when I press any of the movement keys on the keyboard the sprite doesn't move. I have it set so that I have an object where the sprite is created when it dies. I know it seems long I'm so sorry but these are the issues iv been fiddling around with and haven't been able to figure out yet. one more thing Is how do I make multiple weapons and have my players gun that its holding switch. lets just say I want to have a spread shot type weapon well instead of having the character sprite holding the pistol weapon have it holding the shotgun weapon. I hope all of this makes sense thanks for helping out a newb PS some help with showing me how to make a spread shot type weapon would be nice also thanks

  • Cap would help a lot if you could provide us with one?

  • im sorry at the moment I feel realy stupid right now but do I have to put it up on another download site and put up the link or is there something obviose about posting files im sorry But I am tottally new to the forums

  • Yes, just put it up on any filesharing site and post the link. Mediafire is good, or get a DropBox or account.

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  • allright that should be the link

  • can someone please help me out

  • Multiple weapons: on the character sprite, make another animation and call it as the new weapon. copy all of the frames from the default animation and paste them in the new weapon animation. then edit them in the picture editor so the character is holding the new weapon. go to event sheet editor and make a new event:

    On (character sprite) collision with (new weapon sprite)

    Then add an action to it:

    (character sprite) Change animation to (new weapon animation)

    And another action to it:

    (new weapon sprite) Destroy

    Thats how to change the look of the character. Make sure you make the same event, but with the original weapon and with the default animation, so you can change back to the original weapon as you walk over it.

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