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  • How can I use multiple screens using Construct?

    For example,

    Screen 1 = my personal logo; loads at game starts and then fade out

    Screen 2 = welcome screen (with New Game & Exit Game button)

    Screen 3 = main game screen

    Screen 4 = inventory access screen

    Thank you for replying.

  • Try using layouts for each one you can make new layout by clicking in the project tab under layout and right clicking insert new layout.

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  • done already... now how to 'switches' between layer?

  • When you make actions for your events the actions for changing layout is under the "System" object in the "Application" tab,

  • I still don't understand... maybe anyone could help by creating a tutorial or .cap file example?

    thank you

  • Here's a VERY rough example.


    If you have any questions, just ask, i don't have time to comment the .cap, but it should be pretty easy to work out.

  • Before beginning, make sure you've created all 4 layouts already.

    1. The first thing you need to do is add keyboard commands. In any one of your layouts, right-click and you should get a menu. Select "Insert An Object". A window should pop up that says "Insert new object". Scroll down in that window and then find and double-click on the "Mouse & Keyboard" object.

    2. Now you need to create an event in the event editor. At the bottom of your screen, you should see a tab that says "Event Sheet Editor". Click that tab.

    3. Now, on that screen right click with your mouse and you should get a series of menu options. Click on "Insert Event".

    4. A window should pop up that says "Select An Object". Double-click on "MouseKeyboard".

    5. A window should pop up that says "Conditions for MouseKeyboard". Select which one best suits the type of function you want, then double-click it.

    As an example, if you select "On Key Pressed", you'll be taken to a menu. In that menu under "Key" you'll get a dropdown menu full of all the keyboard keys. So I'll select "Enter" and then "Finish". That creates the event.

    6. Now you need an action. So, right next to "On Key Enter pressed" click on "+New action". This brings up the "Select an object" window again. Double-click on "System". In the very top section you'll see a number of choices for switching to new layouts. I like to go with "Go to layout" because the structure and sequence of your layout order can change and as long as you've given each layout a name, you should have no hassles because you'll be sending the game to exact layout you want, by name. See, if you simply choose "Next layout" or "Previous layout", you may be sending the game to the wrong layout after you've made order changes to the layout tree.

    7. Okay, now you should be in the 'Parameters for System - Go to layout' window. Put in this exactly using quotation marks " ":

    "Screen 2"

    Click "Finish" and that's it. This is a decent base to start from with layout jumping inside a menu.

    Now, I should point out that you'll need to create a variable in order for the menu to be functional in a way where when you press up and down different commands will be able to be selected. I've had quite a few bugs with this myself, where sometimes when my object touched the other object to activate the variable it didn't trigger and then sometimes it does. It's strange. I think menu-making should get a facelift in Construct, like it should be an object with pre-programmed functions that have been rigorously tested to work, but maybe I feel that way because of the sometimes it triggers/sometimes it doesn't bug I've experienced...

  • Thank you for all inputs and example!

    Those are very helpful!

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