Help with loading ini variable

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  • save worked perfect, but load ini something wrong with

    INI.ItemString(Group, Item) i want when load button clicked then load text string from ini

    here the cap file ini.cap

    cant you make some example how use ini to load something


    p.s Sorry for bad English

  • well first off, it's not saving correctly (look in the ini file). maybe it's a bug, but it won't let you get the text of one of these edit text objects. you put quotes around yours, so it's just grabbing "1.Text" etc, rather than what's written in the box.

    edit: found the solution. will upload .cap soon

  • Saving me is not important i make it just for view structure of ini file, but thanks for reply.

    ini object have bug, nead fix it

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  • i got it working:

    don't name those editable text fields integers (numbers). i had to rename them "one" and "two" etc. ideally, construct should fix this or not allow you to name them integers. you tried to get around this by putting the whole thing in quotes, which resulted it in writing "1.Text" etc, instead of grabbing what you typed into the text field named '1'. so yeah, name it something with letters like "one" or whatever.

    and unlike the presented syntax when you try to get a string from an ini file, you need to put the group and item in quotes, like this: INI.ItemString("main", "3")

  • Awesome thanks

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