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  • i want a game with physics like this:

    i tryed all kinds of moving, but it?s not usefull. how do i get solid blocks, slopes and a gravity (like super mario ore castlevania at first)

    but i don?t know how to programm this physics in Construct. please help!

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  • 1) Give the player sprite Platform Behavior

    2) Give solid blocks the "Solid" Attribute which can be found in the object's properties

    3) Experiment with the Platform Behavior settings to get the "feel" you want

    4) Slopes are made with Solid objects shaped like slopes (at least with slope collision masks)

    Get started on that and come back when you need more help with it (which you will with slopes).

    I'd also like to know which version of Construct you are using.

  • the very newest (downloadet today )

  • Latest stable release (0.99.62) or latest unstable release (0.99.84)?

  • latest stable release (0.99.62)

    how to do the following: i�ve the player (a ball, with animation), and after pressing up, the ball stands up? i already have the standup animation, but how to let it be invisible, untill you press "up".

    i�ve choosen "destroy" for the old object, but how to let the other animation start, playing just 1 time and than another animation? (just standing there)

    so short: morphball; press up: destroy animation 1 and play 1 time animation 2, after that endles animation 3, untill you do another thing.

  • You don't have to destroy the object. Just use the action "setAnimation" and set it to your animation2, for which you deselect "loop" and enter at "repeat #" just a 1. Then it plays just once.

    Then you have to use the event "onAnimationFinished" to catch when the animation is finished and then use an action for this event which again sets the animation to animation 3.

  • thanks, but it�s not playing only 1 time! - how to let a 3rd animation play [endless], after the 2nd animation is played [1 time]?

  • You set out 2nd animation just to play once without a loop.

    Then you set the 3rd animation to loop.

    Then in the events start the 2nd animation. When this is finished after playing once, an endOfAnimation event ist generated, which you have to handle. There you can start your 3rd animation which will play endlessly.

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