Help: HUD with zooming.

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  • As the title states I need help with my hud and zooming. Zooming as in zooming in to get a closer view.

    Ok well im making a RTS (will post screens and videos soon) and right now im trying to get my hud working. I tried using the way in the tutorials static hud and all. With it being on a layer and setting it in a precise spot on the layout. But if I zoom in or out to get a better view of the battle field of course it zooms the hud also.

    Does anyone know a better way to make a hud without problems with zooming?

    Like probably if it can be done like to have it always be the width and height of the window its in?

    Just some way so it wont be affected by the zoom.

    Sorry if this has been asked about before I couldn't find it though.

    Thanks everyone in advance!

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  • Set the "zoom x rate" and "zoom y rate" of your HUD layer properties to zero. That way your HUD won't zoom at all.

  • .< I was just wondering what that was for too. Thanks a bunch

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