[Help] Error with resolution.

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  • Hi,

    I'm spanish i use the google translate. My english is bad.

    I have a problem. And do not know how to fix it:

    My game is a platform game. I have a character with the behavior "Platform" and I have some objects that are platforms. The game resolution is "1024 x 768". The width of the level is "4500" level and the height is "850". In the level editor there are lines that indicate the resolution (1024 x 768) The problem is that the character can not pass those lines. In the classic editor construct this problem does not occur. But when I create the .exe file and execute it, if this error happens.

    Note: Before this error did not occur.

    Note 2: I can not move the file .cap because it is a very advanced commercial project.

    Help please. thanks

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  • Please, Help! :(

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