Help with editor - error in saving or loading

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  • Hi, i have a little problem with my editor again. I had a break and now i looked again to my editor, but i found out that it didn't load.

    please help me, i'll be really glad.

  • I'm lazy and don't want to deal with getting the SpriteFont.csx plugin needed to open your cap.

    just explain exactly whats going on, or upload a different file without that plugin and i can help.

  • Ok thank for your reply. is the .cap without Spritefont.

  • If you mean that your menu won't appear then:

    go to event 71. Right click the condition "Layer "menu" is visible". Select "Invert Condition." Now, in the action for this event change "Set Layer "menu" visible:Invisible" to "Visible" instead.

    If you mean that you can't load files then...

    in event 47, move the action "Array: Clear with 0" directly above the "Load Array" action.

  • hey crowtongue did you actually get the array to load? I went thru his code and did that, but the array still wont load.

    you actually don't even need the clear array action, loading an array loads over everything.

  • I thought I did! And.. I didn't. Let me take a look again.

  • Fixed it

    the other file dialog conditions are saving the array before it can load

    just come up with beter conditions in event 42/44/46

    not leftclick on "nacti" or "uloz"

    maby have a global value change to say if your saving or loading.

    left click on "nacti" set global(saveload) to 1

    left click on "uloz" set global(saveload) to 0

    global (saveload)=1

    file dialog ok


    global (saveload)=0

    file dialog ok


  • Thanx a lot!

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  • So... I'm sorry, i thinked that it works, but now i found out that i didn't works for me. Idk if i have somethink bad. Also, why when i'll save it, there is something..cwm - why i have roht there 2 points? Thanks.

    screen of current cap:

  • whoops ...I forgot to tell you last time

    the two points in the name is happening because in the first event,select file extention thing, you have ".cwm" as the extention, change that to just "cwm", it automatically adds the dot.

    but you don't even need an extension for array files, it just helps with sorting.

    I'm at work right now, I'll have another go at your .cap this evening.

  • ok. I'll wait. thanks for the extension.

  • ok failure to communicate, my bad.

    the events with the new global values shouldn't be sub events, just regular events.

    and your clear events was happening after you load from array, so it was immediately being filled with 0.

    but to make this point again, the array function ,clear to, does nothing, if your just going to load onto that array. for you project, it would only be useful for a "new document" purpose.

    were you actually want the screen cleared.

    here's the fixed .cap, every thing should work fine as far as saving and loading arrays.

    but if it doesn't, let me know.

  • It works perfect. Thanks a lot

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