help creating instances simultaneously

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  • hi, I just started using construct 2(free) and I've been having this problem for like a week now...

    I have 3 instances of one object ("object1").

    I want, that every time I press "spacebar" ,each of the 3 instances to create an "object2" in it's X and Y.... so on every "spacebar" pressed, 3 "object2" appear

    the problem is that only the first instance created on the layer "creates" the "object2"

    so in every "spacebar" pressed, I only get 1 "object2"

    I guess this could be done with "families" but I'm using the free version

    any suggestion?


    if that's not possible, another option I have is if I have 2 instances of the same object overlapping, I want the "newest created" to move away

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  • First, this is the Construct Classic forum, for answering questions about the original Scirra Construct game-maker software. Construct 2 is a very different beast despite reusing a lot of the same language.

    Secondly, couldn't you try:

    On Space pressed

    For each Object1

    Spawn Object2

    and then tweak where the Obj2 goes from there?

  • first: sorry for posting in the wrong forum, this was my first post and eventhough I read before posting, I missed that <img src="smileys/smiley12.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    second: thanks for the reply, but for some reason , on every spacebar pressed I get 3 intances created on each object 1 (a total of 9 instances)

    thanks anyway

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