Help - Button sequence event for platform game

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  • Hey guys, im wondering how to make an event...

    When you encounter an enemy, the mouse and the keyboard must be temporally desactivated, then the button sequence mini-game activates.

    Look this pic below

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Do you know what does mean this picture? i hope you understand it.

    Finally, if this action is completed, return the mouse and keyboard.

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  • Create a global, e.g. 'quicktimeevent'

    Create an event

        + 'quicktimeevent' Equal to 0

        and make all of the normal mouse&keyboard events sub-events of this one

    Create an event

        + 'quicktimeevent' Equal to 1

        and make all the mouse&keyboard events, that control those short button sequences, sub-events of this one

    Last but not least create events that set 'quicktimeevent' to 1 when such a sequence starts, and to 0 if it has ended.

  • Thanks for your reply!

    Let me do it when i get chance and i will tell you later about the results, i will upload a cap here

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