help me for bumpmapping please :p

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  • Hi to all ^ ^ I post today on this forum in the hope that a kind soul to come to my rescue: p.

    I'd give a little 3D effects in my drawing

    I had the opportunity to see one of your old topic that was also deleted an example. Bumpmpapping cap with the normal map or heightmap I do not know.

    The example given by one of you was a water area with a 3d effect, and the cursor was linked to an object that provides the light ...

    Can you explain me concretely what the bumpmapping the normalmap and heightmap, and could you give me for each example, a. CAP file with scripts

    Thank you in advance and hoping that this topic can also help others ^ ^

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Can you post a link to the thread you mentioned? The forum moved from one software to another a while ago, and the old forum was archived which still has many of the examples that were posted on it.

  • First of all, thank you very much for your quick response arima, its always nice to see an active member on a forum ^ ^.

    here is the link you asked me:

    there was an example of a file. CAP, but for some time I can not find it.

    I hope that you will put on the track and thank you once again for your help: p

  • The original form with download is HERE.

  • thank you for your link zenox but this is not what I expected

  • Here is a free application for making material shaders. It has a normal map function.

    Add a bitmap block, load your texture, then add a normal map block and wire them together.

    How it works? Usually you use a grey scale image, non-color image. White is the mountains, or bumps, and black is the holes or valleys.

    You have a color image so it will do it by luminance, The brighter, or closer to white colors will make the hills or bumps, and the dark, or colors near black will be the holes or valleys.

    When I am making a 3d character, I use the normal maps to draw small details like scales or scars.

    Normal maps can be used for making simple bump shaders, and complex parallax shaders with shadows 8)

    It is a great thing to learn about. You will use it a lot in game making, especially if you use a 3D game engine.


    Your favorite painting application may have a plugin or a filter for normal maps... give google a shot.

    I know they exist for GIMP, Photoshop, DogWAffle, and Paint Shop Pro.

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  • Thank you very much for you'r jojoe software, it is very interesting and I will use for my textures.

    The problem I have is to use scripts for use in bumpmapping CONSTRUCT, but I found a link that explains how to use more or less bump under construct.

    Here is the link:

    I will soon post on the forum an example. CAP for people who would like to use this wonderful 3D effect.

    Many thanks to all who helped me, that is to say, Arima, and Zenox98 jojoe.

    I hope this post will help anyone else ^ ^.

    PS: before validating this topic as "solved", could you tell me how to change the light intensity and color of the bump if possible, here's all.

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