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  • Good day,

    I'm using Construct to build a game as to use for my final school project... However I've reached an issue where I use a platform behavior as to use "when not moving" go to Default animation as in, nothing...

    However I want my character to fire, so I made when I press Space (fire button) to play the firing animation and stop movement, however, since that happens, it triggers the condition I mentioned earlier, and cancels the firing animation...

    Any ideas or thoughts? I've considered using a private variable as triggers but I can't seem to manage it to work...

    ( I do apologize if I couldn't explain myself well x.x )

    Thanks in Advance,


    (Also, I can't seem to find any other posts with a similar situation, dunno if I entered the keywords wrong on Google or somethin'.)

  • Might try something like this:

    [quote:1000bn3f]+ Sprite: Animation "fire" finished

    -> Sprite: Set animation to "Default"

    As a separate event.

  • I've made a simple game to test this... not sure if it really what u was asking..


    made a sprite (player) and a sprite (ground)

    added behaviour platform to player and added to the ground the atrribute 'platform' at groups in his properties.

    then at the events:

    player is moving = set animation to "default" (his stopped animation)

    =/= player is moving(right click it and select invert condition) = set animation to "walking"

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  • Thank you very much, that solved my problem!

    Am trying to change how people see games in general through Construct by making a school project based on it. Hehe, hope it will work out alright. Not to mention making people get to know Construct itself by see a (tiny I bet) fragment of its capabilities.

    Not to mention, I must say, it's quite fun to build a game with it. Always good to see your work looking worth it...

    Once again, thank you!

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