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  • Hi, Reletively new to construct and was really enjoying playing with its great features, until I began to get the temp.exe error with every executing a run/debug/cap. re-installed older versions, deleted scirra folder in apps', check for temp.exe running in task manager to no avail. Their seems to be a lot of users having the same problems but nothing that I can find that solves this annoying error. Xp SP3, 512ram, geforce fx 5200 running latest consruct build. Hope for a solution as it's driving me crazy. thanks

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  • Can you post the problem .cap file?

  • I had this problem but I managed to kill the temp.exe process (once I figured out it was the one I should kill).


    is temp.exe running? (check from process monitor, make sure it's showing all processes from all users, just in case.

    does temp.exe have write permission? maybe construct is unable to overwrite it for some reason.

    It happened me once with a runtime crash where temp.exe got stuck and I couldn't run any more previews. Again, as said, killing it made everything go back to normal.

  • I've had that launch bug too. Just kill temp.exe and try running preview again. It happens every once in a while for me.

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