What happened to Z-Ordering in Layers?[solved]

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  • So, now do you have to z order blindly? Or are you forced to use hundreds of layers or events to align thousands of objects to visually see them and check that they are placed in the correct order when setting up a map? It used to be easy to see which objects in a long list where in front of each other in a 1 or 2 layer with the small icons. I may be missing something...

    Or this is a bug?

  • Unfortunately, before I made this thread nothing came up about it in search. A quick answer of what's going on with the new GUI would be appreciated.

    I do need (more like I appreciated) the small icons for quick z-order checking/glancing. My maps have hundreds of small pieces (some overlap for various reasons; effects, detectors, collisions, etc.) that need to be in correct order pre-runtime before I switch them around via events. I'm in the dark about why the change. I do know there was the new object bar added some versions ago, but I thought that'd be separate or at least there would be a way to quickly check z order in the same way.

    Although this is not that big of a deal, I'd like to know cause I'm in the dark.

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  • It's intended that the object bar entirely replace the object list in the layers bar. Since the object list in layers was quite buggy, it was removed when the object bar was functional - but you're right, there's no longer an equivalent to Z ordered view. I think we plan on re-adding features like sorting by Z order to the object bar before 1.0... in the meantime, you can either go back to an old build if it's that important, or just hold on a bit longer

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