On ground check in physics?

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  • Hello everyone, I'm kind of new to COnstruct, so I need your help. I performed a search but couldn't find anything.

    My question is:

    Is there a way to check whether an object is on the ground, or is at rest, if the object's behavior is physics behavior? Thanks.

  • Add a small invisible sprite just beneath the player's feet - if that is overlapping the ground, the player must be on the ground.

    To check if the physics behavior has come to rest, check that both the X and Y velocities are close to zero. Mind out that it might not exactly equal zero - it might just have a very small velocity. Have some kind of threshold at which you consider the object at rest, like abs(X Velocity) < 0.01 or something.

  • Thanks.

    Two more questions, is it possible to restart the current layout? And how I do make other layouts just use the same sheet as one? I create an empty sheet and make it include the other, but when I run the layout, nothing moves.

    Thanks again.

  • Oh hey nayon

    It's a shame you didn't finish Tower of Shoth, that game was looking really sweet. It was one of my early favorites. Anyway, welcome to the forum <img src="http://xs234.xs.to/xs234/08491/t740.gif">

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  • Thanks. Well I am going to work on it but Game Maker is frustrating me. That and I need a spriter.

  • I would say to remake it in Construct, but in actuality that rotating tower is probably one of the few things that would be easier to do in GM .

    Anyway, good luck with it, I hope it does get finished some day.

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