Grid based pathfinding?

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  • How do you do grid based pathfinding? I mean where objects move like they're on squares of a chess board?

    It's my understanding that pathfinding uses cells anyway, but the current pathfinding seem largely intergrated into RTS style movements, not surprising as it's an RTS object.

    I raised the issue before how i thought the mouse and keyboard object shouldn't need to be added but the response was construct uses only whats necessary, so shouldn't there be a pathfinding object rather than an RTS object?

  • The RTS movement internally uses a grid for pathfinding. I think a good solution would be to build in to the RTS movement some kind of functionality to return a list of cells to a destination without moving, or something? It'd save copying and pasting most of the RTS movement code in to a new plugin for this, heh.

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  • Yes, that sounds good.

  • I worked around it by adding an obstacle to each vertex, and then using a cloned object bound by the grid in relation to the hidden path-finder.

    Kept the path-finder from cutting straight corners.

  • is it possible yet to do grid based pathfinding movements, or do we have to do the workaround jewsen describes?

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