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  • Well i would need to make somekind of grid movement to my new game its strategy game where u command ur troops in country and the country is divided into a sectors which you need to conquer and for that i need grid movement. So is it even possible and if it is how can i do that?

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    Okay here's a pretty basic explanation based on a 64x64 grid:

    1. You select the unit (which has a green border or indicator that he can move)

    2. Four Arrow detectors are created at it's sides:

    Up: Unit.Y - 64

    Left: Unit.X - 64

    Right: Unit.X + 64

    Down: Unit.Y + 64

    3. IF the arrow overlaps harsh terrain (rock/lava/water, ect) set the arrow to Red (False) + indicate that movement is not allowed.

    4. User clicks on a arrow + Arrow is Green (True)

    Up: Set Unit.Y to Unit.Y - 64

    Left: Set Unit.X Unit.X - 64

    Right: Set Unit.X to Unit.X + 64

    Down: Set Unit.Y to Unit.Y + 64

    Is that what you kinda need?

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  • set position to

    (go.x,go.y is where you want it to be closest to on your grid,)

    set x to: round(go.x/64)*64

    set y to: round(go.y/64)*64

    thats basically it

  • Okay taht shuld work ty for help

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