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  • Hello, Im new to Construct and Im trying to get gravity around a globe like object, something that Construct 2 makes easy with its Set Gravity Angle, while theres only the 4 directions in Classic

    Ive tried changing the angle at an offset, but it doesnt seem to be working properly, so if anyone can show me how to make a Classic version of this , I'd be really grateful

    Also, pause button...

  • Unfortunately you'll need to use another behavior, perhaps the custom movement or physics object. The platform behavior in CC is set to 4 directions in the C++ it's made of.

    To pause the game, Set Timescale to 0 in the System actions.

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  • Well thats not settling, but thanks for the pause button tips... Im improvising with primitive gravity zones but now getting the character to have his feet face the proper direction brings up a new problem

    Could you maybe take a look at this and see what you can do?

    (The circle is supposed to be the top, while the x is the bottom)

  • The physics behavior is not suitable for this, you can only set it's value, not the direction(negative valuse will move everything down, positive values up, but you can't make any sideway moves unless you loop through every object which uses physics, and use the setforce function on them - this is just dumb).

    But if you only need this gravity-like thing, you can make it easily by using the sin\cos, and distance functions.

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