Gravity, anyone?

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  • hi, how can I add gravity to my game without adding the platform behaviour. Or at least having platform behaviour but disabling all its functions except gravity.

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  • to not use a platform behavior: add a variable to the object called "drop"(or whatever) , and an always condition adding 0.09(or whatever you want the force of gravity to be) to "drop" than set y. position of the object to current y. + "drop"

    if you don't mind having the platform object, and want its collision detection just set its max speed and everything else to 0, besides the falling.


    fun with falling: if you make the falling your own event, you can have the object bounce by setting its "drop" to the current ("drop"/2)*-1 when it overlaps a solid object.

  • whoa that helped, thanks Bartosh

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